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          Welcome to goldenisland metal products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.official website!


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          Recruitment: Programmerrecruitment:5PeoplePlace of work: shengzhengRelease time:

          Job description:

          1, age 30-45, master degree, mechanical design manufacturing and automation related major;

          2, familiar with the parts material selection, structure design, processing technology;

          3, familiar with the performance and the selection of cylinder, motor and other automation components;

          4, familiar with PLC, touch screen, sensor automatic control principle and key points;

          5, familiar with the standard and non standard equipment R & D processes and techniques;

          6, familiar with office automation software and design automation platform;

          7, strong communication skill and organization coordinated ability;

          8, strong analysis ability, strain capacity and decision-making ability.

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